Facebook Cleans Up With AI


Given the scandals of the recent security breaches within Facebook, most users would believe that Facebook’s efforts to control their fake news and scandals are not enough to control the controversy. Given recent reports from three different sources conducted by Stanford University, University of Michigan and the French Newspaper Le Monde, Facebook’s efforts to control and limit the spread of false news reports are actually working.

After tapping into Artificial Intelligence resources and data specialists, Facebook has been conducting hard research to cross-reference photos and videos in order to validate their accuracy over recent months. Now Facebook has 50% less false reports and news than Twitter and has returned to its accuracy back in 2016. As they continue on with this, they eliminate doubt and societal concern contributed by social media.

Facebook aims to contribute to cleaning up public as well as private forums that contain false accusations and news as well. Since the millennial market is shifting towards a more private forum when passing along information to peers, its important that the social platform focuses their efforts in both types of forums. Facebook is shifting in the right way in order to reestablish trust within its user base.

Story By: Kelsey Currie