Facebook Brings Autoplay Targeting To Its Mobile Ad Network

"The auto-play video ads that users see when they check their news feed have been a big money-maker for Facebook FB -0.52%. Now, the social network is bringing auto-play advertisements and several new features to apps in its mobile ad network, giving Facebook more ways to expand its influence in the digital advertising market.

The auto-play ads and new features will be available to publishers and developers on the “Audience Network” on Apple's AAPL +2.11% iOS and Android, the company said in a post on Tuesday. The move gives Facebook the chance to sell more video ads to marketers without upsetting Facebook users by putting more ads on its own apps.

“The Audience Network has been allowing third-party apps to monetize users for a while, and now these apps will see a greater return with a more diverse set of ad units to show,” Jan Rezab, CEO of social media analytics firm Socialbakers said in an email. “Introducing auto-play video here is a smart move for Facebook. It’s been performing well for marketers on the Facebook platform, and it’s a format that’s becoming very familiar to users.”

Facebook’s mobile ad business makes up a growing portion of its overall revenue. In the three months ending on June 30, mobile accounted for 76% of advertising revenue, up from 62% a year earlier. Digital video advertising revenue in the U.S. is expected to rise 34% to $7.77 billion this year, according to forecasting firm eMarketer.

In addition to autoplay ads, Facebook is making other new formats available to apps on the network who support full-screen ads. These apps can now be included in marketing campaigns that show product ads, known as “dynamic product ads,” to users based on items users have browsed on the web. Other new formats include carousel ads, which display a series of images, as well as a click-to-play video ad tool.

“The new features Facebook is rolling out for dynamic product ads mean ads will be more deeply targeted and relevant to the users they’re shown to,” said Rezab. “Facebook is trying to allow marketers to prioritize customers who will make a purchase.”

Facebook created its mobile ad network last year. Native ads now make up more than 80% of impressions on the network."

Proof that Facebook is still one of the most current social media platforms out there. You just have to pay a little entrance fee to get through the gates. As they say, nothing good is free or easy in life, y'all.

Post by Allie Nute
Source: Forbes