Facebook Adds Music Option


Facebook has announced incorporations to their website that allows visitors to listen to a clip of your favorite track on your profile. Sound familiar? If that doesn’t throw you back to the early 2000's with the days of MySpace and your ’Top 8’ friends display, I don’t know what does!

The overall clutter that overwhelmed MySpace’s site made it unmanageable and unappealing to the viewer, which perpetually made it die out. Will Facebook do the same? Or with its different audience will it pull through? Unlike MySpace, Facebook will not automatically play the song as soon as you enter a person’s profile. There will be a play button located under the profile picture and it will only play a clip of the song, while featuring photos of the artist and album art.

In addition to reintegrating this old trend, Facebook is capitalizing on music in general and have struck deals with various music labels in order to include popular songs and soundtracks on Facebook Stories. You are able to include the song by adding it like a sticker in the photo and it will play along with the photo or video. 

Lastly, Facebook has announced a Lip Sync Live feature, which is available now. This has been most popular with musicians lip synching their own tracks on Facebook. There is also a feature within it that allows you to sing along karaoke-style on the Facebook stories as well. 

These recent changes to Facebook add a creativity factor to otherwise consistent site. Could we be moving backwards to relive the days when social media was just establishing itself? Only time will tell!

Story by: Kelsey Currie