Event Recap: Imagine Media's 2018 Team Retreat

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The Imagine Media team arrived back at our desks this week with a fresh perspective after our 2018 Team Retreat. For the team’s second annual retreat, we traveled to Lake Oconee and stayed in a beautiful cabin. Our intentions for the retreat were to celebrate the accomplishments of 2017, set some bold goals for 2018, and, of course, spend some quality time together as a team.

On our first day, we met with Matt Granados from LifePulse Inc., who delivered an inspiring presentation on goal setting with purpose. Setting goals, both professionally and personally, is a significant part of our company culture. Matt introduced us to some really useful techniques that we can’t wait to implement in order to best serve our partners!

After Matt’s presentation, we felt recharged and motivated. We spent the rest of the afternoon reflecting on 2017’s achievements and setting goals for the first quarter of 2018 and the year ahead.

The remainder of Day 1 was spent relaxing as we internalized what we had learned during the day. We closed out the evening with some team games that left us all giggling late into the night.

The following morning we participated in a beautiful yoga class lead by one of our team members, Kelsey. This was the perfect way to kick-start the day and find balance in both our bodies and our minds. After breakfast, we caravanned to the Ritz Carlton to go ice skating. While some of our Imagineers showed off their best moves on the ice, most of us sipped hot chocolate and relished in this out of office time we got to spend together as a team.

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The rest of the afternoon it was back to business as we discussed Imagine Media’s brand promise, upcoming opportunities for growth, ways we can be a positive influence in our community, and challenges we may face along the way. Shantel and Margot encourage collaboration for important company decisions because each Imagineer is a key player in our team’s future.

For our evening activity we gathered around the fire pit, roasted marshmallows, and avoided telling any ghost stories we had heard about Lake Oconee!

Overall, the team retreat allowed us to get together as a team and focus on what Imagine Media does best, build relationships: with each other, with our partners, and with our community.

Story by: Sophie Duncan