Event Recap: Double Tap the Keg, "Keep Calm + Use Comedy"


Have you ever wondered what’s the best way to connect with your audience? Well, the answer may be comedy. Comedy is a way to be vulnerable and real with your audience. Because we believe in building real relationships, not just profiles, we invited a group of local comedy experts to join us for our 11th Double Tap the Keg panel event at the Imagine Media studio.

Before the panel began, The Imagineers and various Atlanta professionals spent time networking and sipping on complimentary drinks sponsored by Eagle Rock Distributing Company. Then everyone settled in to laugh and learn with the panelists: Loren O’Brien, Joel Byars and Marshall Chiles

Each of these panelists kept the audience laughing and engaged with their unique sense of humor and tips on how we can utilize humor in our professional and personal lives. 

Loren O’Brien is an award-winning comedy writer and director. She’s also the co-founder of M-O, a creative video company production in Atlanta. Joel Byars is an Atlanta comedian, teacher and podcaster looking to make comedy accessible to anyone and everyone. Last but not least, Marshall Chiles. Marshall is the founder and owner of Laughing Skull Lounge, the author of “Your Presentation is a Joke: Using Humor To Maximize Your Impact” and constantly works to bring comedy into the workplace.

What we learned 

Comedy in our professional life:

Comedy can feel intimidating and scary, especially when trying to incorporate it into your brand. However, comedy is a connection just like branding is. It’s the most direct route to an authentic connection and gives your brand its own personality.

In the social media marketing industry, you might not always be looking for a laugh, but you’re always looking for some type of internal or external response. This is where comedy comes in. When you use humor in your content, you have a better chance of increasing your engagement and likability, and people will want to know what you have to say next. Comedy is not limited to certain brands either; everyone should be capitalizing on it. 

“Have the self-awareness to know what is the tone of our brand and what is the tone of our customer. How do we marry both?” -Joel Byars 

Comedy in our personal life: 

You might not believe it, but you’re probably funnier than you think. Comedy is a skill that you can apply to multiple areas in your life. The beauty of it is that it puts you in the moment. You get to be comfortable and vulnerable with your personal audience.

It’s a language that you can’t master overnight, though, and it’s okay to fail. Start with something as simple as writing your thoughts down and seeing how you can apply humor. You can listen to podcasts, go to a comedy club, watch YouTube videos — your options are limitless. 

“Every master began as a mess and the difference between a mess and a master is how long they’ve been doing it.” -Marshall Chiles 

The audience walked away from the event full laughter and comedic inspiration for their professional and personal lives. We’d like to thank everyone that attended our 11th Double Tap the Keg panel event. Keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to be the first to know when we’re hosting our next one.

Story By: Taylor Wright