Drive Engagement with Instagram Stories

drive engagement with instagram stories

As Instagram Stories continue to increase in popularity, more and more brands are utilizing the feature in order to drive audience engagement and traffic to their website. Below are a few tips on how to ensure your Instagram Stories receive their due amount of traction and engagement.

1. Promote your Story in your Instagram Posts and Vice Versa

The Instagram account @Whole30Recipes does this extremely well. They frequently post photos of delicious dishes and encourage their audience to view their Stories to learn the step-by-step process of creating them. Similarly, their step-by-step Stories often end by encouraging audience members to head to their page/latest post to see the final creation. By cross-promoting both your Stories & regular Instagram posts, you’ll get more eyes & engagement on your content.

2. Go Live on a Regular and/or Scheduled Basis

One of the great things about the Instagram Stories feature is it’s “hands-free” feature, which allows users to record themselves at the push of a button. By going live and providing great content (tips & tricks, giveaways, etc.) on a scheduled basis, you can encourage more and more of your audience members to tune in. Additionally, if you include components that require viewers to head over to your website (i.e., “The first person to comment with the name of their favorite product will win X”), you'll increase traffic as well.

3. Tag Your Own Profile

While it seems counterintuitive, including a tag of your own profile can actually help drive traffic to your website! After great teaser content, you can include CTAs like, “Tap the link in our bio for more information.” 

4. Swipe Up

If you have over 10K followers, you’ll have the ability to include a link within your Instagram Stories. By encouraging users to “Swipe Up” (the action required to open the link), you’ll drive more people to your website.

5.  Utilize Instagram Highlights

In short, Instagram Highlights allow you to feature parts of your Story permanently (until you delete them). Because highlights appear at the top of your bio, they’re often the first thing a person see’s when checking out your profile. Utilize highlights to call attention to your latest blog posts, product launches, etc.

6.  Do an Instagram Takeover 

If you know of a few great influencers that align with your brand and mission, ask if they’d be willing to let you do a “take over.” You’ll be directly in front of a new audience & if they have over 10K followers, you can encourage people to swipe up to your website!

7.  Instagram Stories Ads

If you just don’t have the time or energy to work on organic engagement, sign up for Instagram ads! We have a great blog post on how to do that HERE.

Have you tried any of the above? Let us know in the comments!

Story by: Isabelle Edwards