Double Tap the Keg: Cultivating Culture


Earlier this month the Imagine Media team hosted our eighth Double Tap the Keg event. We invited five panelists to the stage to discuss a trending topic: Company Culture. Our panelists came from a variety of backgrounds and shared a great deal of insight on how to attract and retain employees as well as foster or evolve a company’s culture. The panel included Billy Boughey, Jackie Velez, Nikki Strickland, Ryan Tuttle, and Josh Sweeny. All participants contributed to a great conversation around culture and left the audience feeling inspired. ICYMI, we’ve rounded up some key culture-takeaways from the evening:

If you’re going to solicit your employees’ feedback, make sure it’s followed by action.

One way to incorporate culture into your hiring process is to create a culture survey for candidates to take before moving forward in the application process.

If your employees are happy, that feeling will overflow into your clients. Maintaining a positive morale is good for not only your team but your clients.

Keeping your core values as a part of the daily conversation is key to fostering culture. You can lead culture by example, so using the core values in day-to-day communication will keep them top of mind.

Checking in with your employees and truly digging deep into how they are doing is a great way to gauge the current temperature of your culture.

Encouraging group activities, both formal and informal will engage employees and develop camaraderie. Group fitness is a great way to encourage this.

Transparently communicating they “why” behind changes to processes or big decisions will make your team feel more invested in the company and culture.


To those who joined us for the Double Tap the Keg event, thank you for coming by! We’ll be hosting more of these networking opportunities in the new year. If you’re interested in investing in your company culture and own a business with less than 50 employees, check out this HR and Culture Workshop that will be hosted by theTifosi in the Imagine Media Studio on December 13th.

Story By: Sophie Duncan