Do's and Don'ts to Jumping On Social Media Trends

Do's & Don'ts to Trend.png

With the way social media is changing day-to-day, it’s so hard to keep up with what’s trending and what new features there are, the list could go on really. So, that’s why there are different bits of technology that can help you stay on top of social media trends (not just googling it). However, what if the trends you thought were helping, were actually hurting you?

Kind of like how Snapchat thought their new update was going to be a good idea, by next month there will be a new update to change it back. That’s just how fast things change, they’re test marketing, feeling out what the users like and don’t like. Just like updates for apps, businesses use tools to help them trend on social and stay relevant. The only downside is, you could be doing it wrong.

It’s important to constantly be innovating and doing research. A good chunk of the trends from 2017 are predicted to still be relevant in 2018, however just more in-depth or different outcome goal(s). Below is the list of do’s and don’ts to trend on social media.

DO Crackdown on fake news.

Now you might say, “What, why would you not do that?” Well, obviously if someone is spreading untruthful things, then yes address it. However, posting fake news in a facetious way has become more popular. Make sure the audience know you’re joking. You don’t need to be serious 24/7.

DON’T Overdo advertising Mobile ad growth.

Yes, this is very important for businesses and the way you measure how successful you are. But, consumers hate ads. They hate being sold to. Sell twenty percent of the time, engage eighty percent of the time. Advertising to consumers in an organic and inconspicuous way is how to reach your audience.

DO Be Switzerland.

What means is, keep politics offline. That only makes things messy for you and the business.

DON’T Focus only on sales.

Driving traffic, instead of increasing engagement. Consumers want to feel a connection to your brand, and if they don’t feel that you are not relevant to them. They like a story behind a message, not just advertisements.

DO Stay relevant. Stay innovating. Stay researching.

Those are the keys to keeping up with trends. Don’t be afraid to take risks, however, know a good risk from a bad risk. If you want to talk more in-depth or need help reach out, we love being social, and check out our blog archives for more tips.

Story by: Kelly Baker