Don't Let the Holidays Test Your Business


The holiday season can be a stressful time of year that puts businesses to the test. The good news is that the consumer economy is solid and at a peak.

84% of consumers are saying that they will spend the same amount or more compared to last year on holiday shopping—91% of these being high earning millennials.

How to be set up for success:

It is essential to have proper omni-channel shopping and on-site efficiency, especially around the holiday season. Nowadays, most customers have done their research and know exactly what they want before shopping. It is vital that businesses are prepared. With Black Friday and beginning of holiday sales, shoppers will be out and about looking for items with a value add. 93% of millennials will be searching for deals over the holidays, but not your traditional deal. In fact, most shoppers will be seeking value such a free gift with purchase, lifetime warrantee, etc.

Beyond adding product value, there are a few other simple things a company can do to help drive sales. Having complimentary WiFi is a huge bonus add.

It is also important to be proactive in asking customers questions rather than them having to seek out employees. With that being said, having a trained staff before the holidays is imperative. Customers won’t tolerate anything less than the BEST service.

Play on your staff’s strengths and weaknesses and put employees in the areas where they work the most efficiently. An effective way to keep your employees morale high during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is to incentivize them. Come up with a sales based bonus structure or keep it simple and bring in free coffee and donuts one morning to spread the holiday cheer.

Implement these simple tips and tricks this holiday season to work smarter and not harder all while guaranteeing your holiday success.

Story By: Devyn Lamon