Did the Commercials of The Big Game Rise Up?

While the Falcons failed to #RiseUp, so did the commercials. Too soon? Sorry!

The Big Game was full of surprises (and heartbreak!), but the commercials? Not so much…

This year we saw a major theme among the commercials we did get to see-politics. Only one week after President Trump’s executive order on immigration it is no surprise that this was the focus on many ads. Budweiser celebrated the contributions of foreign immigrants and Audi highlighted equal pay for women. It has even been rumored that some commercials did not air due to their controversial messages

But if you thought you missed the coveted commercials from the always entertaining Doritos-you didn’t! They dropped out, along with Butterfingers. They seemed disinclined to take risks, maybe this is in response to the recent political actions, or maybe the lackluster year many companies have been having regardless.

The commercials hardly kept us on the couch, leaving ample amount of time for snack and bathroom breaks. The abundance of car commercials left no opportunity for one to specifically stand out, and the celebrity cameos left us confused and unimpressed. Justin Bieber showed out for T-Mobile, while Justin Timberlake and Miranda Kerr also made notable appearances, but none stole the show. That was until Lady Gaga took the stage for the Pepsi Halftime Show.

Gaga fell from the roof of NRG Stadium and slayed her halftime performance. So much so that sales for all things Gaga spike 1,000% after her performance Sunday night. She not only won halftime, but also the entire game and the commercials.

While we try to get over the Falcons loss, and accept that the NFL season is over, all we can do now is hope that next year brings us better luck-and better commercials!

Check out the Top 10 Commercials for yourself below:

Story by Colby Sycoff