Design Smarter, Not Harder

Creating aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful graphics can be extremely intimidating. Thankfully, we have an incredible graphic designer, but there are times when we all have found ourselves creating graphics for different reasons. Personally, I could sit in front of Illustrator or InDesign all day, but anyone familiar with the fast-paced environment of the social media marketing realm knows this isn't feasible. In addition, Adobe software can be difficult to figure out if you aren't familiar with it or haven't used it in awhile. If you fall into either of these two categories, fear not -- there are a few other software you can use that will alleviate your design stress.



  1. Canva: This is the mother of design software in that you can design anything ranging from posters to ads. There are hundreds of layouts that you can choose from and customize.



  1. Typorama: This is an app for iPhones and Androids that is mainly for adding fun text to photos, but you can also add filters and crop your images. This is great for promotions.


  1. Wix: If you are trying to design a website, Wix is the place to go. Wix is essentially the Canva for websites because there are multiple layouts that you can choose from, but there are endless customizable options and not to mention, dozens of “How To” Youtube videos so you will feel like an expert right off the bat.

So, now you have three powerful software options that will have you dubbed "designer guru" before you know it. Although I am a strong believer in the Adobe suite, I believe in quality above all! So, I have shared these three specific software options because I feel that they are all user-friendly and when used correctly, they enhance the quality of your design content. Happy designing!


- Devyn Lamon