Damn, Daniel, fresh new Vans for life.

“Damn, Daniel, back at it with those white Vans.”

    If you haven’t already heard Damn Daniel, is just a normal 14 year old boy who turned into a viral internet movement over night. Daniel Lara and his friend Josh Holz were recording what seemed to be just another Snapchat story during 6th period except this video sparked a social media wildfire. The content of the video revolved around Daniel’s super white vans, and very soon the entire internet fell in love with it. With his instant fame came marriage proposals, an interview on the Ellen Show and now Daniel has a lifetime supply of Vans sneakers. 

  It’s hard to say what was so sensational about this 10 second clip, maybe this kid really does have cutting edge style, maybe it was the over the top theatrics of Josh saying “Damn, Daniel,” or maybe it just struck a cord with all the white Van lovers of the world. Whatever it was, it worked. Since being posted the tweet has amassed over 300,000 retweets, 400,000 likes and has circulated viral memes and hashtags. Those aren’t the only numbers you’d be impressed with, this social media tidal wave has hit the world of internet bidding - Ebay. “Damn Daniel’s White Van’s Size 10,” currently have a bid at $400,100, another pair of ordinary white Vans are going for $99, 900. Meanwhile back at Van’s website you can purchase a brand new pair for $45.

   The instant social media star was taken to new heights during his interview with Ellen last week when he discovered he would be supplied a lifetime of Vans. I guess he will be “back at it with those white Vans” forever. Although Daniel told Ellen he isn’t planning on getting married before his sophomore year, he is soaking in all this female attention and new found fame.

Damn, Daniel not bad, not bad.

   I think I’ll go try to scheme up a Snapchat video that will land me a lifetime supply of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Who’s in?