Customer Service Do's and Dont's

Building winning relationships is something that we, here at Imagine Media, are super intentional about and hyper focused on this quarter.  In today’s technologically advanced society, consumers have the ability to purchase anything anywhere, at any time, with the click of a button or type on their keyboard.  Almost everything is available online.  So, what drives individuals into small businesses or stores when they could achieve the same goal on the couch in their PJ’s scouring the internet?  The answer; personal relationships.

Build Relationships

Providing superior customer service is the foundation of building and maintaining meaningful relationships.  The goal is to make each and every client feel like they are your only client.  This is especially important to remember on those crazy days where everything seems to happen at once and you haven’t even had time for that much needed cup of coffee (we all have them).  Just put on your best smile and always have a calm demeanor when you’re with the client.  Even though you may be crazed and stressed on the inside, it’s vital that you never let that show.  Otherwise, that transferred energy will make the client feel more chaotic, and less confident in you.  If it’s not obvious enough, this is something that you definitely don’t want to do.

On the flip side, you do want to go above and beyond and exceed their expectations.  To do so, impress them in ways other than doing an amazing job with the service they’ve hired you to execute.  While these individuals are your clients, they’re also people just like you.  So think beyond work.  This is a great way to find common ground and make that personal connection. Ask questions to get to know them better, and actually remember their answers.  It’s helpful to write them down somewhere or even designate an entire document where you jot notes down each time you talk or meet with the client to reference before your next meeting.  Gathering information off the bat will help you strengthen that relationship over time.  If you’re able to ask them about their daughter’s wedding 6 months later or that trip they had planned for this summer, this will demonstrate your genuine interest in their life, and they will be super impressed.

All in all, if you make an honest effort to build lasting relationships with clients, this is what will keep them coming back for more.  You are the ingredient that what will set your company apart from competitors, and that personal touch is something that the internet can’t quite compete with!


Story By: Kim McCafferty