Moving Forward with Creative Anxiety


As part of our mantra to #StaySocial, we branch out of the office every so often to attend local networking events in Atlanta. Last week, a few of our Imagineers attended a Creative Mornings event on "creative anxiety".

We all struggle with creativity, even Amena Brown, an author of two books, five spoken word albums, public speaker, and poet. As a fellow creative, we’re sharing the tools Amena has learned from her own experience with "creative anxiety" in hopes of helping you move past that nervous, insecure feeling we’ve all experienced while starring at an idea.

  • Pinpoint what is underneath your creative anxiety: being authentic and honest with yourself will help you move forward
  • Bring your creative anxiety into the creative process: use your vulnerability & humility in your favor to connect with your audience (we’re all human)
  • Start, start small: set the timer, send one email, write one sentence
  • Don’t give up: making & creating is hard work

Always remember, "just because a project failed, you are not a failure.” Keep creating!

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Story by: Olivia Ball