Creating an Office Space Fit for a Millennial


When guests come to our office at Imagine Media, one of our favorite compliments is in reference to our workspace. Considering the roots of the company and what it took to get here, we are very proud of the space that we now call home.

Our team has created an office layout fit for a millennial employee. Corporate offices and cookie-cutter workspaces are not popular with our generation, and we believe that where you work should be as comfortable as where you go to end your day. We’ve rounded up some elements that we believe make our office stand out to guests, partners, and Imagineer candidates who visit.

Establish an Open Floor Plan

First and foremost, an open floor plan will encourage a collaborative work atmosphere. There are no cubicles or corner offices in our company and it makes everyone feel like we are on an even playing field. As someone who has worked in both a cubicle environment and an open floor plan, it definitely feels like more of a community with the mellow atmosphere of an open floor plan.

Allow for the Option of Standing Desks

Promote a healthy workspace by giving employees the option of using a standing desk. There are plenty of benefits to a standing desk, including better posture and they reduce the risk of obesity, cancer, and other consequences related to sitting too much. Be sure to invest in gel mats to stand on in order to protect employees’ knees, hips, and ankles.

Provide Alternative Spaces to Spread Out

In addition to desk selection, it’s also great to feature some areas to spread out so employees don’t feel anchored to one spot. At the Imagine office, we have sofas, two large meeting tables, a conference room for more private conversations, and a call room to chat with partners. Having the ability to move around throughout the day makes the office feel more like home. It’s also nice to have meeting areas to further promote the collaborative workspace.

Music, Snacks, and Coffee

Although these may seem like an obvious perk to any office, it’s important to note that selection is important. Play music that supports your office culture and workflow. We love to play Spotify channels on our Sonos in the office so that everyone on the team can have access to choosing the music. We also each made Imagineer playlists on Spotify so that we can discover each other’s taste in music. For snacks, we survey the team to find out what their favorites are so that we can have a fully stocked cabinet for those days where lunch breaks don't seem to arrive quickly enough!

Establish an In-House Creative Space

Being in a creative industry, one of our most prized elements of the office that definitely sets us apart is our in-house creative space. We regularly hold photoshoots for our partners at the office where our team has access to a large variety of props. Having a home-base for our creative team is important so that they can feel supported, especially when so much of their time is dedicated bouncing to and from photoshoot locations. Whatever the creative space equivalent may be for your industry, make sure that you designate a space in the office for the magic to happen!

Since most of our team are millennials, we understand that we are a challenging generation to please. So much of what appeals to us in the workplace is outside of the normal design standard. As new offices are constructed and co-working spaces grow in popularity, we’re sure that the future of office layouts will continue to break the mold.

Story By: Sophie Duncan