Coworking Atlanta

If you didn’t already know, Imagine Media Consulting is based out of an awesome workspace called Industrious in Atlanta, GA. It’s the hot new thing! Coworking is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Coworking builds a space where creatives can come together (or not) and work on their daily tasks. There are brainstorming sessions, networking, happy hour’s, and so much more. Anyone can join a coworking space, no matter what industry you’re apart of. Which is great because there is a diverse group of people working together and creating together. An article I recently read stated that studies show that coworking is so successful because “there is little direct competition or internal politics, [so people] don’t feel they have to put on a work persona to fit in”. Coworking is also super great because it’s open 24/7. If we need to come in early to get a hard start or finish up a project its no problem!


Our favorite part about working at Industrious is the community. We love being able to connect and collaborate with other local businesses and entrepreneurs. We have the opportunity to build relationships and learn from others. Coworking allows for a great work and social balance. If you’re stressed to finish work, you eat lunch in your office, if you want to socialize and connect with others you can eat in the common space by the kitchen. Industrious hosts lots of events like a weekly happy hour where you can interact with professionals in different industries. Effortless networking like that gives you a different perspective on your work and others work as well, opening your eyes to new possibilities and we love it!!

Our team couldn’t love Industrious more. Make sure you check out a local coworking space to help your business thrive! 

STORY BY: Allie Shaak