Key Factors for Content Calendar Success

At Imagine Media, we work with a variety of exciting companies and are powerhouses when it comes to non stop creative content. To keep the constant content flowing and creative ideas organized, we utilize Content Calendars, and after much trial and error, we’ve basically perfected them over the years. For all you Content Creators out there, here are the key factors that you must include in order to run a successful calendar and to always be on the same page as your client. Enjoy!

Days and Dates: This is as basic as it gets, but listing out the day of the week and the date can help with clever hashtags and really drive the messaging that you’re getting across during the week. Some of our favorites include: #MotivationMonday #TacoTuesday (duh) #WineWednesday #ThirstyThursday #Friyay and #SundayFunday. Yes, we’re fun.

Photos: The majority of the content that we’re pushing out is creative based (thanks to our amazing photographer, Freddy) so photos are key. Here’s a little tip - add the photos first to see what kind of flow the week is taking, then create the captions from there. It’s all about visuals!

Top 9 Images: For clients who use Instagram, seeing that top 9 spread of images is key. If you think about it, those 9 images define your brand on social at any given moment. If the feed isn’t balanced, you may shy some new followers away, which is not ideal!

Captions and Second Comments: Once you have a kick butt caption on that image, make sure to add a second caption including hashtags. These hashtags should include brand-driven words as well as popular, searchable words and phrases like #instagood and #nofilter. It may sound silly, but these hashtags can go a really long way when it comes to reach. And on top of that - your audience won’t even see them at first glance!

Room for Feedback/Notes: All Social Media Management should be collaborative. Whether you’re recording a national day that you can’t miss, adding a note to your client, or receiving client feedback, a notes portion is key.

Now that you have the essentials for Content Creation on a Content Calendar, get ready to organize your ideas, improve upon your current content, and always have room for collaboration and creative thinking. Happy posting!

Post by Margot Dukes