Co-branded Giveaways for Dummies


A couple of strategies we like to use to help build excitement around any of our clients' Social Media accounts is through giveaways and contests. One key platform we rely on to increase outreach and engagement is Instagram. With over 400 million active monthly Instagram users and little promotional limitations, there’s no better place to experiment with different types of contests to boost engagement and increase brand awareness. Whether it’s partnering with well-known Social Media influencers, or teaming up with local businesses, joining forces with other accounts is a great way to extend reach to current and new demographics.

We recently kicked off a local co-branded giveaway with client Buckhead Paws, and Atlanta’s first mobile food truck, Street Treats. The beauty of co-branded giveaways, is that everyone wins. By promoting your brand and another's on your own account, will not only help your business and the company you are working with, but it also helps to build a new relationship with that business in your local community. And there is nothing more beautiful than the support of your community. Here's how we kickstarted Buckhead Paws and Street Treats giveaway.


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