How To Show Clients You Care


The season of giving is almost here and with that, client gifting has become a very important part of building relationships within a business. Whether you’re giving something big or small, it shows that a company cares about their relationship with the client. Forming these positive relationships will lead to long term partnerships that last the test of time.

The important part about gifting is knowing when to give and who to give it to. As a business, it is smart to note any personal dates relevant to the clients you work with. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or holiday, gifting presents itself as a notable opportunity to engage (no pun intended). Showing these personal, thoughtful touches will help growing businesses establish personal, lasting relationship and separate your team from the competition.

There should be no limit to who you can gift to! Any dream client that feels like a good fit for your company is a great candidate. Thoughtful gifting becomes more personal when the recipient doesn’t see it coming. Whoever has the closest relationship with the client should do the giving because it makes it more personal and special for them.

What should you give? The options are limitless! Below are a few examples of ideas for client gifting:

  • Office supplies: nice/personalized pens, portfolio/folder, name card holder, etc

  • Gift basket: anything that they are interested in (sports teams, movies, gardening, food, etc.)

  • Flowers

  • Coffee/tea

  • Gift Card

Most importantly, include a handwritten card or note to add that extra personalized touch!

Story By: Madeline Adair