Meet the Team: Chris


Say hello to Chris, our new Photography Ambassador! New to the team and Atlanta, Chris attended Virginia Tech last year as a biology major. He is now a student at SCAD Atlanta, pursuing a career in advertising and filmmaking. Chris is a driven, open-minded worker who isn’t afraid to take risks. He fell in love with the culture and “relationship first” mentality of Imagine Media and quickly jumped into the internship opportunity.

Chris is a box full of ironic dilemmas. Growing up near the beaches in Tampa, Florida, and completing high school by the snow-capped Shenandoah mountains of Northern Virginia, he loves to be outside. But he also loves the city life and chose Atlanta for its bustling streets and constant action. He has an extensive background in science but is following his passion for photography and filmmaking. No matter what though, Chris is always open to new experiences and exploring the world around him.A true believer in learning from everyone and everything around him, Chris is always willing to dive deep into any topic and hear all opinions. You can find him playing soccer or shooting fashion photography around the city in his free time. If not, he’ll probably be at some obscure concert exploring the next big music act.