Choosing the Best Social Media Platforms

social media platforms

Launching your brand on social media can be intimidating. It can be extremely challenging but following some of these tips will help lead to a successful social media launch. Social media marketing is mainly utilized for raising brand recognition. Beyond spreading brand awareness, there is a multitude of positive effects that social media marketing can have on your brand including an increase in website traffic, brand loyalty, sales and more. The important thing to note in the social media marketing world is that less is often more.

Less is More

You want to avoid plastering your brand across every single social media platform that you can think of because it is difficult to put equal efforts and energy into dozens of accounts. If you are spread too thin, your followers will pick up on the inevitable inconsistency and will most likely become uninterested or disengaged.

With that being said,  it is crucial to narrow down the platforms that will be most effective in engaging your audience.

What Platforms are Effective

First, it is important to familiarize yourself with an abundance of social media platforms. Yes, these days it seems like almost everyone knows how to use Instagram and Snapchat, but go a step further by researching what the platforms are known for and the different functions they offer. It is important to stay informed on the constantly evolving social media realm so that you are getting your best use out of them and not falling behind.

Narrowing Them Down

There is no magic number for how many platforms you should be on, but is is crucial that you focus on your target audience and the platforms that they use most. You can view social media user demographics here. Once you have established which platforms are common among your target audience, you can start effectively promoting your brand across a few of the platforms.

Keep in mind, it is okay to start with a few platforms that you have determined to be essential and add more later on if you see the potential. Also, do not feel discouraged if you are not getting the results you hoped for with a specific platform. Social media marketing can be tricky and it can also take time. Be patient and recognize that your brand is unique, so it will thrive in different areas! Just be sure to stay on top of social media trends and try to find the fun in creating content and marketing strategies for your brand.

Story by: Devyn Lamon