How We Got Our Start: It Was As Easy As Pie

Interested in learning a little bit more about our start and the birth of Imagine Media?  Well it's really quite simple, and truth be told, it all started with a delicious piece of chocolate ganache pie..... let's dive in and I'll paint a picture.


If you can imagine a little girl in the neighborhood marching around with her to-do list and group activities this was me- Little Miss Bossy Pants. I vividly remember building a fort with my buddies in the lot across the street and then delegating to my friends where we would play games, where the rug should go and who would be responsible for the weekly sweeping. I kid you not- I was a little bossy then (I hate to admit) but very early on gravitated towards the leadership role.

Fast forward, a year or two and I was tall, lanky and couldn't quite fit into any of the Limited Too clothes (shame) and my first business TTBT- Tough To Be Tall clothing line was formed, a modern day attempt at graphic design. The large shirts I purchased from Michaels with my ironed on logo were sooo stylish (not) and I made zero sales. 

I learned quickly that fashion was not the future for me and filtered that energy into my second company and first marketing outreach, Twelve Lakes News at age 12. I brought in a team of friends as editors and we published a monthly neighborhood newsletter, full of family birthdays, block parties, safety updates, and advertising. Just some good old fashioned print marketing. 

Let's jump ahead a few years....


I studied Entrepreneurship at Florida State University and loved the major. After graduation, I immediately relocated to Chicago to start my first company and to pursue my final project and business plan that I created my Senior semester. Weddings By Shan - later known as Peacock + Papaya - my first true jump into entrepreneurship and adulthood. It was great, I already knew my target market, my competitors and had determined a niche before the big move. I cracked out that to-do list notebook (again) and I was off to the Windy City. 

I loved Chicago (read: deep dish pizza) and I loved being a part of such happy memories.  BUT two blizzards in and too many cold walks around town, I made a shift and decided to move down South to Atlanta in hopes of opening up a second brand of the company. 

Ironically enough, pie tables were a really big trend in the wedding space up North and became the dessert of choice for my brides. Couple that with a huge sweet tooth, naturally my first inkling when I moved was to hunt for the best piece of pie. As a consumer I stumbled across a place called The Pie Shop. From their Facebook page it was hard to tell if they were open that day, what flavors they served and their location. Needless to say, they lost a customer that day solely because I relied on social media and didn’t want to pick up the phone to call.

A couple too many bridezillas in and still a craving for pie, I stopped by a few weeks later. I fell in love with their chocolate ganache pie at first bite and started talking to the owner about my experience and the importance of building strong relationships with your target audience online. In my wedding planning career, social media had worked extremely well in attracting new clients, creating brand awareness and creating loyal customers. In between her next batch of chicken pot pies she asked if I could help, she feared she didn’t have the bandwidth, expertise or budget to work with some of the larger agencies in town and didn’t want to be just another business in their portfolio. 

Imagine Media was born that day and within the first month we had two other companies approach us with similar struggles. After more research, I quickly learned there was an under-served market, who craved a personable partnership, a young scrappy team and just weren’t quite ready to bring in someone full time -and- that’s how the (cookie) crust crumbled.... 

Now we're 3.5 years old- we work with a team of creative masterminds, at the coolest place in town (humble brag) and we have a portfolio of clients we love working with, proud to represent and who we learn from every day. 

Thanks for reading along and if you're ever in Buckhead say hi to Mims over at The Pie Shop and tell her Imagine Media sent you.  AND if you love sweets as much as we do, think you're a rockstar and interested in joining our team, follow the link here.

Cheers to chocolate ganache pie and a cold glass of milk!

Story By: Shantel