But Do Users LIKE Like You?

Once upon a time Facebook created a simple way for users to see the content they "liked" most and have the content they didn't pushed further down their newsfeed. The concept seemed easy enough. We assumed that people would offer up a thumbs up to their interests and would avoid searching subjects they did not care for because, well they didn't care. However, marketers found a way to boost their platform's Facebook popularity by purchasing "likes". While this was a short term good idea, the new feature "See First" by Facebook is giving users the power to pick what content they want to follow first. 

When users go to a page they will be given the opportunity to add it to their "See First" list. This will ensure that this content will go to the top of the user's newsfeed so that they never miss a beat. The "See First" concept plays upon the genuine interests of users rather than sellers. The concept will work against companies who users may have "liked" in the past but have since lost interest, and particularly companies who paid for likes. 

Facebook offers no apologies for working against the consumers who formerly purchased likes from them. Instead, Facebook has turned all focus toward catering to the wants and needs of users, and ensuring that their Facebook interests remain genuine.

Sources: TechCrunch and Cnet