Relationship Building

You may have been enticed by Imagine Media because of our popular saying, “Build Relationships, Not Profiles.” As a team member at Imagine Media, this is what attracted me to the company as well. I recently spoke with a partner of ours that mentioned the difference between having a social media platform and having a social media presence. The difference between those comes down to one word: relationships. If you simply exist on social media without engaging, are you truly fulfilling your end of the relationship with your customers?  The answer is no. This is why we put such an emphasis on the importance of relationships. Online and offline, this quarter, we are highlighting the relationship aspect of our company culture and sharing it with whoever is interested!

Every other week for the next few months we will be highlighting a different relationship on our blog. Whether it is an internal relationship or one with a partner of Imagine Media, we think it’s important to foster those relationships and celebrate them whenever possible. If your relationship with Imagine Media is new or if you’ve been a pal since the start, we appreciate you. Thanks for being a friend of Imagine Media and stay tuned for more fun!


Story by: Carolyn Whalen