Breaking Down an Imagine Media Month Report


Social media marketers LOVE acronyms. With KPIs, ROI, CPC, CTR, SEO and so much more, it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. At Imagine Media, we like to simplify all those acronyms, and the data that go along with them, into easy-to-read month reports for our clients.

As the resident Digital Media Coordinator, (aka Month Report Editor-in-Chief) I’m going to give all you lucky readers a peek into what our month reports look like and all the information they cover.

Follower Growth and Demographics

Follower growth is an easy way to keep tabs on how our clients’ social profiles are doing. We track growth within the month as well as over the course of our contract with a client. The month reports also provide information on the demographic breakdown of each platform’s audience, including average age, the percentage of men vs. women and top cities where the audience lives.

Reach, Impressions and Clicks, Oh My!

Luckily, reach, impressions and clicks are nowhere near as frightening as lions, tigers or bears. When taken together, they’re great indicators of how engaged an audience is, how relevant content is and whether content is scheduled at optimal times.

Some quick definitions–

Reach is the number of individual people who see content on their newsfeeds during any given time period.

Impressions tell you the total number of times all posts were seen. Individual people can be counted more than once in impressions.

Clicks are more self-explanatory, but our month reports do track them in a number of different ways. In addition to reporting the number of clicks from each channel’s analytics, we track clicks to our clients' websites using Google Analytics.


Engagement is the most important metric for many of our clients. Month reports cover everything from reactions on Facebook and total number of comments on Instagram to repins on Pinterest and retweets.

Advertising and Money Matters

Our month reports also cover all advertising results and other ways our clients get a good bang for their buck from our social media efforts. We include click-through rates, cost per result and make a point to note when goals are reached.

Story by: Kelsey Thompson