Brands Celebrate April Fools in Tricky Ways on Social Media

  We’ve all been tricked and pranked on the infamous first day of April and it seems as though it always creeps up on us. It’s a holiday for the prepared, the ones that have planned and schemed days, weeks and months in advance.There is that one jokester in your circle that gets you every single year. Or maybe you’re that one person in everyone else’s life. For me it was my dad. Every year I didn’t see it coming and every single year I was blind sighted and furious. One of the most scarring memories I have is April Fools, 2002. The day my dad hid fake spiders inside of my sister and I’s lunch box sandwiches. I remember it so well because there were tears, lots of them followed up with even more laughter.

    Jokes are always fun and with the ever evolving world of Social Media the holiday has been taken to new heights where pranks can go viral. In fact many brands are using the day to do exactly that…go viral! April Fools stimulates creativity and in the world of advertising it can be seen in fake campaigns, products, collaborations and much more. So why don’t we take a quick recap on all the clever and sometimes surprising jokster’s on social media last week. 

   One of the more popular hoaxes of the day was the #MarkforHM hashtag and campaign that spread like wildfire. The founding father of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg became a fashion icon on the 1st for his basic gray tee and ordinary pair of denim jeans. This fake collaboration had all eyes and retweets. In fact the fake campaign was so successful there are post April Fools day rumors spreading it will become a real deal! 


Another hilarious prank made viral on social media was the “Pringles Single Serve,” hoax product. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 3.16.17 PM.png


This problem of trying to get the Pringles at the bottom of the can was made fun of by this witty campaign where the brand solved the burning issue with a can designed for one chip…you can always reach the bottom!

Google wasn’t going to miss out on the play! They cashed in their joke of the year with the launch of a brand new product, Google Cardbox Plastic. “The world’s first actual reality headset.” 

Cutting edge technology paired with a decent design offers an experience beyond comparison! The resolution is so high that the thin line of real and unreal becomes blurred. The campaign prank and video became viral with nearly 4 million views on YouTube! 

It’s kind of disappointing the April Fools entertainment is all over! Do you have a good April Fools story? Comment below and share it with us. 

…and don’t forget to mark your calendars, April 1, 2017!