Brand Identity & Company Culture

It’s important to love what you do, and that is easy to do when your workplace values a strong company culture. Nurturing a company culture that embodies who your company is begins with leadership. Leaders who create a work culture that matches what they envision for the company will, in turn, attract strong candidates and retain existing employees who value culture and who will continue reinforcing it.

Companies such as Google, Apple and Spanx are well-known for their strong company culture, however, what works for one may not work for all. When hiring, it is vital to ensure that the candidate being interviewed has aligned values with the company. It’s important for employees to understand company values because when they do, they will understand that they are not only representing themselves, but the company as well.

Aside from creating a strong sense of belonging and loyalty among the people in an organization, the cultivation of culture also builds brand identity. The culture of any company or organization is what makes it unique and puts your company’s values on display to tell the world who you and your brand are. 

Here are a few ways to cultivate strong company culture:

Declare your values: Put your company’s core values in a visible place and reinforce them at the beginning of every team meeting. 

Create an engaged work environment: Be transparent with your employees and let them know that their well-being is valued. Check in with teammates who may be overloaded and be aware of their personal climate outside of the office.

Recognize accomplishments: People like to know that their hard-work contributes to the overall success of the company, and when employees can see how they are contributing to that success, they take more pride in their work. This can come in the form of showing appreciation for their work.

Every successful company has a dedicated team behind it who aim to win so that their company can win as a whole. Employees want to feel like they belong and that their presence and skills are valued. Building a community within your organization that people want to be a part of will organically foster a sense of camaraderie among your teammates. Making culture the foundation of an organization will create ultimate success for not only employees, but the company as a whole as you project your team outward to your audience.

Story by: Mariana Duarte