4 Apps That Will Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level

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It’s no secret that it pays to create social media content that shines. But how you do that can be the tricky part. You may think that you need expensive equipment and software to produce standout content, but some of our favorite tools are apps!

We recently explored what an Instagram business profile consists of and introduced the Instagram Story and Story Highlights reel as a key component of your account. With over 400 million people watching Instagram Stories everyday, they’re a fantastic way to continue your customer outreach and stand out from your competition. So we’re sharing a few of our favorite mobile apps that will help you achieve the WOW Stories that get your audience's attention. 


A personal favorite among Imagineers for use on their own social media platforms, Unfold has gained a massive following of creatives looking to make professional-looking content in a limited amount of time. The app specializes in minimalistic templates that elevate your message in a very simple yet very sophisticated way. There’s just something about content so seamless that makes us come back to Unfold again and again to create content that stuns! You can find more about Unfold here.

Canva: Graphic Design Creator

Canva is known for its simple and intuitive design tools. Users can craft graphics and content for any social media , from Instagram to Pinterest to Tumblr. All of their templates boast thousands of design possibilities for each platform, but one of our favorite things to use Canva for is Instagram Stories.

Start a design from scratch using your pre-saved brand colors and fonts, then add elements like shapes, stickers and text to upgrade your creation. Or choose one of their Story templates. You’ll find options ranging from minimalist designs to sales- and event-based templates. Then put your own spin on it.

The opportunities are nearly endless with this application, and with some practice, your Canva savvy will help you elevate your messaging across every platform. Explore more with Canva by visiting their full site here.

Moment’s Pro Camera

In order to design good Stories, we know it’s crucial that you start with quality content. If you don’t have professionals like our amazing creative team here at Imagine Media, don’t call it quits.

With this app, you have the opportunity to create photos that are a close second to professional pictures. Created by a photographer, Pro Camera holds all of the manual functions that let you fine tune all of your content, such as settings that adjust exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus and white balance. Play around with these functions and unlock the true potential of your mobile camera. Learn more about Moment’s Pro Camera here


Now that you have the ability to create photos like a mobile camera professional, you need an app that lets you then transform that photo into a work of art.

Darkroom photo editor helps you edit your images by allowing you to hone in on even the smallest details. Explore professionally used tools such as curves and color and even make your own preset filters to instantly streamline your photo editing!

One unique feature we love about this app is that you can export your images as a TIFF or PNG so that none of the beautiful details are lost upon saving. Find out more about Darkroom here

Animoto: Social Video Editor

There’s no question that video content is one of the most engagement-garnering media types your brand can use. So why not take that to your Stories as well? Animoto let’s you not only insert your beautiful photos into professional-looking, pre-made templates, but it also lets you add video and sound! That’s right, you can create a template with video! The app also allows you to set your brand colors and fonts so you’re always creating a brand-consistent message. 

What tools do you use to take your Stories to the next level? Let us know in the comments.

Story By: Kate Mazza