APPlying Yourself in School

From first-grade Digital Natives to sixth-year PhD candidates, students are heading back to school with the latest and greatest gadgets. But back-to-school trends aren’t all about the coolest backpacks and new sneakers; students now are gearing up for class with essential apps.

In order to create the most efficient digital learning environment, check out some of the most important school-based apps.

*Learning: Whether you want a little extra practice with a foreign language or want to find a relevant video to show in your psychology class, mobile education is powerful and here to stay. Some must-have apps include DuolingoFlashcards+, and the TEDTalk app.

*Organizing: Google Drive is essential for staying organized with your personal work as well as during group projects. With team-editing functions and easy iCloud integration between mobile and desktop devices, you never have to worry about losing projects or forgetting to save the latest version of a powerpoint. 

If you are looking for a more robust organizing system, Evernote is also a helpful app that can serve as your to-do list, notepad and agenda book. 

*Preparing: All-night cram sessions to finish a paper is part of the college experience. While you have to do the heavy lifting and put pen to paper to complete the assignment, EasyBib is the fastest and most convenient way to organize your works cited page. All app will scan any book’s barcode and automatically populate a correctly-formulated bibliography, taking half the stress out of your next essay. 

If more school is in your future, BenchPrep is your one-stop-shop for all post-undergraduate entrance exams. You can quickly review some key LSAT vocabulary or brush up on MCAT equations while waiting for the bus. 

*Financing Saving for college - or paying off loans - can be a daunting task. But apps like Tuition might be able to help you stay on track and manage payments, and could help you optimize your savings plan.