An Intern's Take on the Business of Social Media

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As an intern, I’ve learned a thing or two (and by thing or two, I mean that I’ve learned more things than I can keep track of) about how the team at Imagine Media has had incredible success in the social media business. First and foremost, the Imagineers find passion in helping brands tell their story through great content. Hours of research, a deep understanding of target audience, and creative content sharing has lead them to build wonderful working relationships with their partners. Here are three main things I have learned to be true about this team: 

Social media is absolutely a business. We’ve reached a juncture where social marketing is vital to a company. This means that formal training is now a necessity if you’re looking to be a stand-out brand. There is never a moment of stagnation and weekly, daily, even hourly meetings means constant development for the Imagine technique and partner growth. Quality content that puts a business ahead of the game and sets them apart is more important than ever. 

The social media game is a team sport. There are so many moving parts that come together to make spectacular piece of content. Coordinators are not only liaisons and points of contact for our partners, they also build in-depth strategies that are catered to each brand. They work with our photographer and creative director to create unique, shareable, and noteworthy content. Brainstorming conversations and collaborations are not just a constant, they are the norm in our office. 

Building relationships is the main goal. Not only knowing, but understanding the brand that we are working with takes top priority from the very beginning of the relationship. Our creative team, coordinators, and co-founders take great care in making this happen. We want to know why you do what you do, so we can share your story by doing what we do best. The relationship building doesn’t stop there. The team isn’t shy about sharing their wealth of personal and professional connections with social media influencers. We reach out to these social celebs to help brands reach a larger audience.

To sum it up, social media is an incomparable domain when it comes to dispersing updates and building brands. News spreads like wildfire at the click of a button. A quick share or retweet from a social influencer or one read from the right person can ignite a blast of popularity and interest for your business. This makes content of the utmost importance for your pages. It’s important now more than ever, to work with a social media expert (or team of experts) who understand the significance that your social platforms have in your marketing strategy.