An Audit of Your Social Media Channels

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When we onboard a new partner, one of the first steps of the process is to evaluate the existing social media channels. A social media audit reveals a wealth of information for the Imagine Media team as we create a strategy for our partner.

We begin by identifying which social media platforms the business is currently taking advantage of. Each specific platform's strategy should be tailored to reach the target audience and every business will be unique as far as what approach is the best fit.

Messaging is the next element that we dive into. The goal is to make sure it is clear what you’re promoting, who your target audience is, why your business is important, and what differentiates you from the competition. This exercise will also help you when making important decisions in the future. If you are strongly aligned with your brand’s message, it will act as a compass to guide you down the road.

Speaking of branding, keeping a consistent visual identity across your social media platforms is also very important. It’s common for a business to have invested in a beautifully designed website, but the branding does not successfully translate to the aesthetic of their social media platforms. Well-branded content with identifiable logos and color schemes generally performs better because it has a unique concept and creates a connection with the audience.

Another important factor is engagement. It’s great having followers, but if they aren’t interacting with your posts through comments, likes, or shares, you may not be effectively reaching your target audience. A well-engaged audience will be double-tapping on content that’s creative and relevant to them.

Let’s say you do have a large following that is also active. Your company should also be returning the favor to encourage continued engagement. It’s important to have a reputation for good online customer service on your business pages in order to let your audience know that they are heard and valued.

We also educate our partners on effective use of user-generated content (or UGC). If you are selling something that your customers are using and sharing on social media, it’s in your best interest to promote this action. Social generated referrals are a huge part of digital marketing and consumer opinion now holds so much weight. By reposting content from your existing customers, you’re affirming that people are using and loving your product or service, while also showing some love to your existing fans.

One frequently asked question during our training, is “how often should I be posting?” Yes, there is a time and a place for each social platform, and our account team can help you with the strategy behind when to post and how often depending on your audience. You don’t want your followers to feel spammed, but you also want to keep them engaged.

The last and one of the most important components to focus on is creativity, and this is where Imagine Media goes above and beyond for our partners. Our team creates and distributes content that is innovative and exciting to promote maximum engagement and a sustained, relevant following. From jewelry to food to manicured gardens to yoga studios to clothing to furniture, we have a great deal of experience in a variety of industries. Imagine Media is committed to brainstorming out of the box ideas for our partners to make sure they foster a strong relationship with their audience.

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Story by: Sophie Duncan