All Fingers Point to Video

The proof is in the pudding: (if you haven't heard already) video is the future of the digital landscape. Did you know Spotify has decided to launch a video component to it's mobile app? The experts at Mashable claim that this is a vital pivot for the app or it could "risk losing its relevance." 

However, this is what we found most interesting and compelling from Mashable's finds:

This shows, that for the past two years, when media companies have sought revenue, the finger points in one direction: video. According to eMarketer, US digital video advertising spiked 56.0% in 2014 to reach $5.96 billion. (That's not the kind of earning power most businesses run into on the daily.)

According to Mashable, consumers are also watching more video, with mobile video plays doubling in the last quarter of 2014.

The glitz and the glamour of video attracts advertisers, who still yearn to see their brands next to glossy magazine pages or on shiny TV screen. Get ready for an influx on video from brands, whether that be on website Home and landing pages, Gifs on social platforms, real-time storytelling, and much more.