All About that New Chat 2.0

Snapchat is evolving into a complete and multi-engaging platform for its users and they are making virtual communication more realistic then ever! Their goal with Chat 2.0 is to be the best way to communicate – “second to hanging out face-to-face,” and who wants to do that?

When you and your friend meet in Snapchat world you can instantly begin video chatting or just listening like a phone call – all with just one tap. If they aren’t available you can send a quick audio note for them to unveil when they return, and don’t forget the pool of over 200 stickers to express yourself in creative dialogue!

With more then 7 billion video views generated daily, Snapchat wanted to make the consuming of the content a little easier for its loyal users! If you haven’t already noticed there is a new “Auto-Advance Stories” feature that allows you to watch through your friends lives at a quicker pace. As soon as one friend’s story is over the next automatically starts playing after. With a simple swipe to the left you can skip ahead or you can decide to pull down and exit the stories all together.

The mimic of our everyday lives is integrated in many aspects of the social media platform. From the way that we share, chat and discuss with those that are closest to us – to the way we see friends in person and then after these moments disappear. Snapchat allows you to share the whole picture in an authentic way. The little white ghosts that has stolen our hearts is growing up so fast! Here’s a little look at some Snapchat history:


With Snapchat’s unique listening and engaging features they have been able to differentiate themselves from the pack. The ever changing company seems to have a few more tricks up their sleeves, and with the fast growth we’ve seen this far…3.0 might be just around the corner!