Imagine Media Volunteer Day

It’s easy to get wrapped up in work this time of year. The Holidays are in sight, the weather is starting to cool down and the leaves are (slowly) changing color. It’s important that we can all take a step back and recognize the bigger picture. This is why we, as a team, decided to implement a new philanthropy program at Imagine Media. Once a quarter we will be unplugging and spending the day giving back to our Atlanta community.

Our first Imagine Media volunteer day was last Wednesday. We spent the morning with our friends over at The Atlanta Community Food Bank in one of their community gardens. Flannery and Fred taught us the importance of fresh veggies and some fun facts about planting peanuts, garlic and eggplant.

“The benefits of Community Gardening are boundless. It stimulates social interaction, beautifies neighborhoods and produces nutritious foods while reducing food budgets. Each garden is a joint effort where friends and neighbors not only share responsibilities, but often the rewards of their harvest as well!” - Atlanta Community Food Bank

We spent a couple hours with our hands and knees in the soil - peanut harvesting!  After a quick break, we began planting garlic lobes. Fred taught us the importance of straight lines and we all learned it was definitely harder than it looked! To be honest, we all found it somewhat therapeutic to be in the garden with the team. After a team photo and saying goodbye to our mice and snakes friends, we headed to 6 Feet Under in Grant Park for lunch.

The second part of our volunteer day was spent at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston. We had a blast at the Ryan Seacrest Studios playing games on air for the kids. What we learned: Pictionary is hard and the kids that walked by the walls of the studio definitely got a few laughs from watching us! We learned about the program through one of our interns, Barb, who volunteers at the studio. We had a blast seeing Barb in her element. Learn more about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation here.

Our last hour or so of the day was spent  hanging out with some of the kids from the hospital. We painted mini pumpkins with some of the patients and some siblings of patients. It was tough to see the struggles some were facing, but made us all realize why we were there. If were able to put a smile on any of their faces we had done our jobs! After learning a new dance, painting 20 pumpkins and about a thousand wet wipes later we cleaned up and headed home. It was a quiet ride home, a lot was put in perspective but we all learned a lot in our one day of service. We returned to work the next day very thankful and already look forward to our next community service day.

Written by Carolyn Whalen