Advertising Has Arrived for Instagram Stories

The Imagine Media team is a BIG fan of Instagram Stories. So when Instagram announced it was rolling out Instagram ads to all advertisers earlier this week, we were excited to see how this new ad format could help our clients. Read on for everything you need to know about Instagram Story ads:

How do I create an ad for Stories?

Log into Facebook Ad Manager or Power Editor and create a new campaign. Select “Reach” as the objective and “Instagram,” then “Stories” as the placement. Use a photo or a video 15 seconds or less in length. You will get the same insights and statistics as with any other campaign type.

Why should I use them?

Instagram Stories are short-lived and intimate, so they engage users’ full attention. When you advertise mid-roll, you’re more likely to have that same undivided attention.

In addition, short-form and real-time video are really hot right now in the social world and Instagram Stories are still relatively new, making them a no-brainer for advertising.

Some more benefits

Airbnb reported seeing a double-digit point increase in ad recall and people were more likely to use their services after they ran Instagram Stories ads.

In addition, the short format allows advertisers to test campaign ideas and video content by reaching a high volume audience. You can then take insights gained from Instagram Stories ads and turn them into longer video campaigns in other placements across social media.

Has your brand tried Instagram Stories ads yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Story by: Kelsey Thompson