A Marketing Tip for Companies to Launch in Full Force

We live in an age where people want personalization. There is no question that people are attracted to content that is focused on their personal needs and interest. The demand for personalized and targeted marketing is growing to meet those needs and businesses are putting in more effort to connect people with what they are currently interested in. Companies need to track personal preference and history to tailor marketing to create a more individual experience. As competition continues to grow it is crucial to be in front of the customer at the right time with the right product. Brands have to be on top of their game and are under pressure to retain old customers and establish new customers with their content.

Personalization can easily be defined as meeting one's needs more effectively and easier. It can be challenging to resonate with certain groups. Adding personalization is a game changer for companies. With new platforms for communication, audiences want custom-made experiences that are relevant to their interests. Data shows that personalization gets businesses and customers what they are wanting faster and easier. Response rates from personalized cross-media marketing campaigns are positive and rising more each year.

Your company can begin by making easy changes that will serve as building blocks for making significant personalization efforts within the future. One way to begin reaching out to customers on a personal level is through tailored and targeted emails and newsletters. This is a cost-effective way to reach customers that requires a small time investment. You can start by separating your email into groups by looking at buyer qualities, histories, and preferences. Armed with that data your business can be more focused on the customer’s particular needs and desires.

Digital Ad Spending can only be successful when you know where your target market spends the majority of their time. This is another huge step when it comes to really tackling the personalization of your business. By tracking your target markets time spent on digital platforms you are able to see where your ads will perform best at. Overall, traditional media advertisements are no longer needed. The world is moving more and more to digital advertising only! People consume almost all of their information from some form of a digital platform and stats show that this number will sky rocket even more in the next five years. Ensure that your business’ digital ads are personalized to your target markets chosen digital platform for best results.

Being in front of the customer at the right time with the right product or experience is critical to every business’ success no matter the size. Data collection and optimization is a growing industry that is becoming more expected and more powerful than ever before. Don't let your business get behind and start using more personalization.

Story by: Katherine Rittenhouse