A Guide to Social Storytelling on Snapchat

Photo courtesy of  Sprout Social

Photo courtesy of Sprout Social

Whether your company is fully embracing or resisting the pull of social media, you must recognize that social media has changed the dynamic of marketing. Consumers take to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the assumption that the company they are looking for will be actively engaged on at least one of those sites. Product displays, sales announcements, and store information can all be found on these sites, pretty, polished, and perfected the way marketing should be.

True to our nature, humans are constantly searching for new frontiers to conquer. In social media marketing’s case, one could argue that the new frontier is Snapchat. Currently, Snapchat is thought to be a very personal application, not one used by businesses or as a marketing tool, but this is all beginning to change.

The other day I was asked what purpose Snapchat serves for a business that Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram does not. I  immediately thought of Victoria Taylor and Jorgen Sundberg's podcast, “A Guide to Social Storytelling on Snapchat.” Taylor explains how Snapchat’s story telling purpose allows consumers raw and real glimpses into companies, thus differentiating Snapchat from other popular social media platforms. Taylor also takes the time to cover the key to success on Snapchat, how to get more followers, and the ROI of Snapchat. Here’s my recap of the podcast, which is a must-watch for anyone interested in introducing their company to snapchat:

What is the key to success on Snapchat?

Taylor emphasizes showing three things in your Snapchats: behind the scenes, personality, and in-between moments. Snapchat’s appeal is that it is the ultimate storytelling social media platform. Unlike Instagram or Twitter, followers do not expect nor do they wish to see stories that are planned and edited to perfection. Snapchat users love the app because it gives them a look into the life of the person behind the social media accounts. Show your employees gathered for your morning meetings, brainstorming content ideas together, and goofing off to give your followers a glimpse of day to day happenings in the office. For bonus points, allow your followers to get to know the personalities of your staff (if you are brave enough).

How do you get more followers on Snapchat?

Every Snapchat user has a Snapcode. Upload your Snapcode to other social media platforms on which you have a strong network and direct people to your Snapchat. Additionally, using #Snapchat on Twitter or Instagram is a great way to join in the Snapchat conversation on other social media sites. Finally, Snapchat’s feature that lets you download parts of your story can be helpful. Post parts of your story to another social media platform, and then encourage your followers to check out your Snapchat.

Example of a Snapcode

Example of a Snapcode

What is the return on investment (ROI) of Snapchat and how do you measure it?

Taylor emphasizes that Snapchat’s ROI is going to be different for everyone; however, for the time being one should consider ROI in terms of deepening relationships and not monetary value. Snapchat is the social media platform that provides users the most access to the lives of other users, bar none.

Snapchat’s creative features, such as geofilter’s, text, free hand drawing, emojis, filters, bitmojis, and stickers, allow users to develop and utilize a self-made strategy. These features also add to the marketing value of being active on Snapchat. Stories give the public an inside look into your life and your company, while private Snaps and chats allow for deeper conversations, resulting in relationship cultivation. Looking to broaden your marketing strategy? Snapchat is a great place to start!

Story by: Corinne Orr