FAQs About Managing Social Media


It’s inevitable that our days at Imagine Media are always changing. As account coordinators, we wear all types of hats and are always kept on our toes, which is why our jobs are exciting! When I applied to Imagine Media and was invited in for an in-person interview, I wanted to know everything I could possibly know before coming into the office. What was a day in the life like? Would I fit in with the company culture? How much of my job would be client-facing? Will I get to attend photoshoots for my partners and use my creative talents (I do photography and majored in graphic design)? If you can see yourself as an Imagineer but have similar questions, here’s an inside look at a day of working as an Imagine Media account coordinator.

What is a day in the life like?

Each day is going to be different. Sometimes I have a day full of client-facing meetings where I get to work with my partners to optimize their social media strategy. Other days I am curating my partner’s Top 9 (a term we use for strategically piecing together content) or attending photoshoots where I get to express my creativity with the creative team. Being on the account team really is, as Forrest Gump would say, like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get. That’s what makes it FUN!

What is the company culture like at Imagine Media?

When I say that the company culture at Imagine really is like no other, I mean it. We recently got back from our company retreat, where we spent three days up at Lake Lanier team building and planning for 2019. We strategized for the new year, shared laughs over a bonfire and s’mores, and shared our hearts to all 20 of our co-workers, which was really special. Our team makes it a priority to get to know each person on a personal level.

The account team is no different. We are frequently collaborating on how to make our clients’ accounts thrive in their niche while simultaneously asking where we can support each teammate. It’s something you won’t find in most work places.

How much of an account coordinator’s day is client-facing?

Client-facing is a big part of our day as an account coordinator. We typically have weekly meetings with each partner to make sure we are all squared away on any promotions running for the week so we can align them with their social media strategy. Sometimes we’ll even grab coffee with a partner just to catch up! Building relationships is at the core of what we do — in person or online.

Will I be able to use my creativity?

YES! We are constantly collaborating with our photo stylist to create shot lists that will complement the promotions going on in-store. Being on the photoshoot is also a priority to make sure that communication is streamlined from the partner to the creative team. The photo shoots and video shoots are always a blast to be a part of and really help me to express my creativity within the role.

There’s no cookie cutter way to describe a day in the life of an account coordinator, but these are definitely the core components to a typical week. Have more questions? DM us on Instagram!

Written by: Adair Kucera