What It Means To Be An Ambassador

No two days are the same as an ambassador at Imagine Media. We call our interns ambassadors because we are held to the same standards as a full-time Imagineer and are entrusted to fulfill and embody Imagine’s core values. Our core values are the guiding force for decision making from day one and they remain part of our daily conversation during our time with Imagine Media. Setting expectations helps us understand both what’s expected of us and how we can embody the culture of the company.

Supportive - Team First

Ownership - True Accountability

Creative - Fresh Problem Solving

Integrity - Trust Through Transparency

Adventurous - Live Outside Your Comfort Zone

Loyal - Community Driven

Since our day-to-day is always shifting at Imagine, there are sometimes days where your workload may get hectic, but thats okay. Everyone at Imagine wants each other to win and there is not a single team member who doesn’t offer a helping hand or supportive piece of advice to a fellow teammate who may need it on a particular day.

As an ambassador, we are delegated assignments that contribute not only to a specific team’s success, but to the overall success of Imagine Media. From copywriting, to being well-adept in social media strategy and content creation, it is crucial for us to be organized and take ownership over all projects handed to us. 

Regardless of what area of marketing that you are interested in, it is necessary to be able to brainstorm innovative and creative ideas that will set you apart from your competition. Working closely with Imagine’s partners gives us hands-on experience as we learn unique strategies that will drive a partner’s marketing strategy.. 

Working closely with teammates everyday means upholding integrity through and through. Each day presents new learning opportunities. This means that mistakes might be made. We’re strongly encouraged to take feedback with confidence and use it as a learning opportunity!

Personally speaking on this point, it can be intimidating for anyone to enter a new work environment. However, living outside your comfort zone and being adventurous will always present you with worthwhile opportunities that you may not have had if you played it safe!

We are also encouraged to immerse ourselves in that Atlanta community, whether it be attending a networking event or volunteering. We value loyalty and demonstrate this by supporting the amazing community around us.

We want Imagine Media to win. We want our partners and our teammates to win. We are ambassadors. We are S.O.C.I.A.L. Are you? Check out our available internship positions here.

Story by: Mariana Duarte