New Partner: L.A. Stein

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Do you love stunning jewelry with a philanthropic mission? If so, then you will want to meet our new partner. Meet, L.A. Stein created by Lisa Stein, a multifaceted jewelry designer who includes precious and semi-precious stones in all of her collections.

Wanting to change the rules of the game, Lisa Stein she feels strongly about walking the talk and wants to change the rules of the female game. Her jewelry line shares her struggle of personal challenges which has turned her brand into a platform of empowerment. Lisa’s combined appreciation for the patterns, textures and rhythms of the outdoors as well as her education from the Fashion Institute of Technology makes her brand modern and stylish.

Imagine Media wait to work alongside L.A. Stein. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram as we spread the word about one of our new favorite jewelry lines.


Story By: Mandy Carneglia

On the Rise: Messaging Apps

On the Rise: Messaging Apps

The days of going into a store and having a conversation about a product are phasing out. With online communication so present in this digital age, more people prioritize that over face-to-face communication. With increasing popularity in this communication style, Facebook published a new report showing just how much of a benefit it yields for businesses.

New Partner: Marc Nolan

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We are so excited to introduce our new partner, Marc Nolan, to the Imagine Media Family! Marc Nolan is shoe brand that brings together well-crafted shoes to fashionable men for modest prices.


Marc Nolan aims to bring substantive and stylish shoes to the men’s footwear market – shoes without luxury price tags. Marc Nolan encompasses the past, present and future through 20 years combined fashion industry experience, a focus on modern design and the hope for growing generations through Nolan.

We are so excited to work alongside with the Marc Nolan team! Please join us in welcoming them and follow along on Instagram and Facebook! 


Story by: Amanda Carneglia

Clutch Partnership

The Imagine Media team is thrilled to announce our partnership and profile on! We're sharing our experience working with Clutch so that you can learn more about their services. 

Clutch is a DC-based company that focuses on research in the business to business space, which encompasses ratings and reviews. We are excited to have a dedicated Clutch analyst that has reached out and personally spoken to our clients to get a sense of the work we have provided them. From there, they compiled those reviews on our profile and highlighted our services, clients and company details as well. We are honored to announce we have a 4.7 out of 5-star rating!

When asked for details, our clients had this to say about us: “We’ve generated a steady trend of growth across social media platforms. Everything has been encouraging thus far. I’ve been very pleased with the content they’ve created for both blog posts and social media.”

Another client said, “Our Instagram following has doubled since partnering with Imagine Media. Our partnership has also resulted in a large increase in Facebook engagement. The interactive element of their work has proven helpful for our team dynamic.”


We are grateful to our amazing clients for leaving us reviews. We are now placed, not only as an amazing social media company but a top 10 Instagram company on Clutch! We are looking forward to learning what else is in store with this partnership and for more 5-star reviews to come our way. We have also featured on Clutch’s sister site, the Manifest, as a top Atlanta social media agency.

To see more client reviews and leave us a review, visit

New Partner: Mission MightyMe

New Partner: Mission MightyMe

We are so excited to introduce our new partner, Mission MightyMe, to the Imagine Media Family! Mission MightyMe is dedicated to ending the growing food allergy epidemic through their line of nutritious and delicious foods so that all kids can reach their mighty potential. 

Back Your Social Strategy With a Beautiful Website


Our partners invest a great deal of time and assets into giving us the tools to create engaging social media content to be distributed across their social platforms. From breaking down their Top 9 to perfectly styling each photo, we take so much pride in producing a visually appealing social strategy to capture the attention of our partner’s target audience.

A challenge that we have run into, however, is that a business owner will invest in their social media strategy, but not match that investment for their website, which is where the real magic happens ($$). It’s so important to reinforce your social media channels with a user-friendly, well-designed website that is consistent with the branding throughout your social channels. If your social media strategy goal is to drive followers to your website, then it’s only logical that you’ll want to lead them to a pot of web design gold that will continue to captivate them.

A beautiful website does not need to be complicated. There are four main areas that you’ll want to focus on when designing the perfect web experience: visual hierarchy, typography, branding/colors, and of course, user experience (also known as UX).

Visual hierarchy is what signals your website visitors where their eyes should travel across the screen. As the scan the page their attention will naturally gravitate to specific points on the page depending on how your website is composed. Patterns, font size, colors, and layouts all play a role in the visual hierarchy of a page, but the main takeaway is to make sure that you’re considering how each element on the page interacts with the big picture.

Typography selection is another key player in web design. Most professionals have certain fonts that make them cringe because they are commonly used on poorly designed websites (looking at you Comic Sans). Selecting typography is an important decision in how you portray your message and brand personality. The goal is to choose a font that is easy to read, but also unique enough to evoke the overall feeling that your website is trying to achieve.

The branding and color scheme of your website should flow smoothly from your social media channel. When you begin the branding process for your business, the color scheme and voice is something that you will want to define in the early stages of development in order to make sure you are being consistent throughout all your marketing materials. Your website is the perfect platform to really dive into branding and set the stage for who you are as a business. Be consistent with colors, logos and messaging.

Above all, it’s important to make sure that your website is easy to use. If you’ve ever visited a poorly designed website, you definitely know how frustrating it can be when you can’t find what you’re looking for. Every step of your website design should have the user’s ease of experience in mind. Some excellent examples of successful UX design include RX Bar, Starbucks, and SPANX.

If you think of your social media platforms as the storefront windows designed to draw your customers into your store, then your website is the equivalent of the experience they have once they walk through the door. You want to make sure it’s consistent, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. For more information on website design, you can consult with professionals at companies such as Nicely Built or Sideways8.

Story By: Sophie Duncan

New Partner: Rugged Road Outdoors

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Whether you love fishing, hiking or anything to give you the chance to enjoy nature, Rugged Road Outdoors is your new shop for performance apparel. We’re excited to welcome our newest partner, Rugged Road, to the Imagine Media Family!

Henry and Spencer, the co-founders of Rugged Road Outdoors, have spent endless amounts of time outside. Through all their experience, they saw a need for improvement in the products that are currently available to the outdoor community with higher caliber at a more affordable price. Through their shop, these men aim to be there providing premium quality gear at a price that all outdoor enthusiasts can afford.

Imagine Media can’t wait to work alongside Rugged Road Outdoors. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram as we spread the word about our new favorite spot to get all of our outdoor performance apparel.

Story By: Amanda Carneglia

New Partner: Cyclone Anaya's


What do we call upscale Tex-Mex? We call it Cyclone Anaya’s! We’re excited to welcome our newest partner, Cyclone Anaya’s, to the Imagine Media family!

Cyclone Anaya’s has been family owned and operated since 1966, and they take pride in offering world-class service. With six locations in the heart of Texas, they serve classy Mexican-style dishes that will make your mouth water.

Start your meal with their jumbo margaritas, indulge in tasty steak fajitas, and top it all off with a slice of their creamy cheesecake.

Check out their menu here and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to feast your eyes on their delicious dishes. Imagine Media can't wait to take our Food and Beverage expertise to the Lone Star State!

Story By: Adair Kucera