93. Swallow at the Hollow

Growing up right outside of Atlanta, Swallow at the Hollow was the GO TO barbecue restaurant. Known for their chopped pork, baby back ribs, homemade wheat bread, homemade smoked sausage and their infamous banana chocolate chip pudding, this was the spot to eat. The portions are huge so your appetite better be even bigger. Did I mention the mac and cheese? Don't even get me started. This past weekend, I made my triumphant return to Swallow at the Hollow after four years away (sorry college split us up for so long, yummy food). Topping off the night with a craft IPA, I knew I was about to have the best meal of my weekend. I ate chopped pork, mac and cheese, potato salad and enough warm, flaky biscuits to last me for a couple months.  

Swallow at the Hollow doesn't only offer great food and a down home atmosphere; live music is the biggest draw at this place. Most Friday and Saturday nights, you can find a local favorite strumming on the guitar and putting on a great acoustic concert for customers. The people who own Swallow at the Hollow also own Greenwood's on Green Street, a yummy southern food eatery nearby, and the Yellow House, for all your family and friend gatherings that you don't really want to cook at. You better hurry over before I eat all the chopped pork!

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Post by Hannah Baumgarten