92% of Recruiters Use Social Media to Find High-Quality Candidates

One time I was standing in a pretty long line at Starbucks (go figure) and there was a woman on the phone behind me in line. While this is usually one of my pet peeves, I was pretty entertained by her conversation and heard her say something that I haven't forgotten, even a year or so later. She was a recruiter and had placed a call to a potential employee and started the conversation by "Hi blahblahblah, I found your profile on Linkedin, and yes recruiters actually use Linkedin." This surprised me for two reasons: 1.) That she really did use Linkedin to find a potential employee. And two, because she obviously understood the misconception that Linkedin is overlooked and not necessarily helpful to recruiters. Who'da thunk it!

Yet, "social media is playing a larger role in the recruiting process. Recruiters check the social profiles of potential candidates prior to hiring, and are also increasing their budgets for more social hiring efforts. A new study from Jobvite, the Recruiter Nation Survey 2015, provides more insight into how recruiter attitudes are changing.

Social media has become an almost universally adopted hiring tool, with 92 percent of recruiters surveyed using it as part of their process. 87 percent are using Linkedin, 55 percent are using Facebook, and 47 percent are using Twitter. Recruiters aren’t afraid of new networks either, with three percent using Snapchat during their process, as well as small forays into Vimeo, Tumblr and Periscope.

Employee referrals are also important to the recruiting process, with 78 percent of recruiters finding their best candidates that way. 56 percent of recruiters saying they find some of their best candidates through social networks, followed by online job boards at 37 percent.

One of the biggest challenges recruiters face is brand awareness, but social media is there to help yet again. 74 percent are using social networks to attract talent, 63 percent are using a company website, and 20 percent are using outbound campaigns like email. Only 15 percent have established a mobile website, and only nine percent use SEO.

While it may be tempting to worry about the content you post to social, recruiters are usually looking for very specific things. 74 percent want to see the length of your average job tenure, 57 percent look for length of tenure with current employer and 34 percent are looking for mutual connections."

When your wise old mom says to delete that old beer pong picture, she's actually right, kids. 54% of recruiters view details of your all night binges negatively, as I believe they should. Check out the handy infographic below if you still need some social media help.


Post by Allie Nute
Source: SocialTimes