9 Last Minute Holiday Advertising Tips


With December here, the holiday season has officially arrived! While we always say you can’t start planning for holidays too soon, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still time to make the most of the last few weeks of 2017 and set up for a great start to 2018.

In fact, according to Facebook, an average of 62% of surveyed people report doing most of their holiday shopping in December and 1 in 4 shoppers make their purchases between December 11-20. So for all the last-minute shoppers and advertisers out there, here are nine ways to optimize your social media this holiday season.

1. Create a sense of urgency

As mentioned, plenty of people don’t begin their holiday shopping until December. Create a sense of urgency in your messaging for last-minute shoppers to help drive sales. This could include anything from limited-time promotions to reminding followers of the last day for guaranteed shipping by Dec. 25.

2. Grab people’s attention

Write copy that delivers your message in an emotionally relevant way and gets people to take action. What copy will do all that, you ask? Figure out what resonates with your specific audience by testing different images, videos or text and seeing which performs best.

3. Use a holiday offer

Another way to grab people’s attention is with a good deal. Customers expect discounts this time of year and are more likely than ever to take action on them. Offer BOGO, a percent discount, free shipping or even just remind shoppers to purchase before a certain day to guarantee on-time delivery.

4. Emphasize holiday imagery

Add holiday spirit to your pictures, even if just with subtle additions of holiday colors and themes, like twinkling lights. No time to hold a full photo shoot? Add seasonal backgrounds to product imagery using stock photos or use festive fonts and graphics to give creative elements holiday flair.

5. Position your product as a gift

Even if you have a product that is typically not marketed as a gift, like workout classes or toothbrushes, use the holiday season to encourage customers to purchase your product for someone else. Make it explicit with visual cues or specific words, such as ‘the perfect gift for them’ and target gift shoppers on Facebook to reach relevant audiences for that messaging.

6. Use a call-to-action

In addition to explicitly marketing your product as a gift, use a call-to-action in both organic and paid posts that encourages people to make a purchase, such as Shop Now or Book Now.

7. Make sure everything is optimized for mobile

In the 2016 holiday season, mobile conversions surpassed desktop globally for the first time ever, with 53% of conversions happening through a mobile device. Additionally, nearly 40% of global shoppers surveyed by Facebook said, when it comes to holiday shopping, their mobile device allows them to make a more informed purchase decision. So it is more important than ever to make sure your ads look good on a mobile device before launching and to make sure any website updates or pop-ups are mobile-friendly as well.

And, fun fact: 37% of surveyed mobile-first shoppers find themselves making impulse purchases on their mobile phones and returning them later, which brings us to the next tip!

8.  Don’t overlook post-Christmas opportunities

65% of shoppers plan to keep shopping after Christmas, and people shop when they make returns, so don’t use up all your promotions before the 25th. Allocate some budget for the weeks after Christmas and continue to promote products after the holidays end.

9. Reward loyal customers

Loyalty programs and rewards programs are marketing strategies all year but can be particularly useful around the holidays. Offer exclusive promo codes to frequent customers, email subscribers and other customer segments around the holidays and build your email database with increased rewards for new newsletter subscribers for the month of December. Rewarding customers during this time of year will make a lasting impression.

Story by: Kelsey Thompson