8 Mistakes You're Making on Facebook


The best part about mistakes is the learning opportunities they provide. Check out our list of common Facebook mistakes made by brands and, since we're always learning too, let us know in the comments what else should make the list!

1. Asking for engagement

This was not a mistake until recently but as of December 2017, Facebook will penalize brands that ask for engagement in posts with calls-to-action along the lines of “Like this post, if you agree!” or “Tag your friend to win!” 

Facebook calls it, “engagement bait.” We call it “a fun new challenge for 2018.” 

2. Haphazard Hashtags

Hashtags on Facebook can be a contentious topic. Some say never to use them but we like to take a page out of Bieber’s book and never say never. Branded hashtags and hashtags used to promote a campaign have a place on Facebook and can help posts stand out. But the reckless use of hashtags is not #recommended on this platform.

3. Not setting SMART goals

Honestly, everything in life should have a SMART goal. They’re that useful. Not familiar? Check out our guide to goal-setting here. Basically, SMART goals should meet the following requirements:


4. Thinking inside the box

Social media is a space where creative ideas are rewarded more often than not; even if the idea strays past creative into downright weird. (Check out some of our favorite creative, and a little weird, food and beverage social media campaigns from 2017 here!) Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to think outside the box and take a risk when it comes to social media strategy.

5. Not testing strategies

While creativity is often rewarded on social, even the most impressive ideas won’t stick if they don’t resonate with the audience. That’s why testing is so important for any strong strategy. Test between different kinds of images and media, test voice and humor and test landing pages. In short, test everything, and adjust strategy as needed.

6. Consistent content (or lack thereof)

How often to post, and when to post, differs by channel and can make a huge difference in social media success. It’s crucial to not post too infrequently, lest you lose the already tiny attention span of users, or post too frequently and annoy people. We have a handy graphic with best times to post here, but this is another example of a good opportunity to test what works best; every brand, and audience, is different. 

7. Playing without paying

Don’t be one of those businesses that posts awesome organic content but doesn’t back it up with some well-placed advertising dollars. Paid advertising on social can be a game-changer when done correctly (see: Facebook Pixel, getting started) and, at the very least, will help ensure posts are seen by target audiences.

8. Getting lost in the acronyms 

KPI, ROI, ROAS, CPC, CTR, CTA, UGC, SEO, RT, DM, FOMO, IRL, LOL. You get the point. It’s easy to get caught up in the hard data, like cost per click and cost per impressions, or the newest trends, like a teen on ask.fm. 

While staying on top of new trends and tracking progress are both important, it’s even more important to remember that social media is a place to connect with people on a personal level. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to humanize an otherwise faceless brand.

Story by: Kelsey Thompson