8 Easy Ways to Have the Best Relationship with Your Social Media Agency


You’ve just partnered with a stellar social media marketing agency, and you’re ready to let them work their magic. Congrats! Things are about to get a whole lot better.

Though the social media experts will be doing the heavy lifting, we know your brand is your crowned jewel and you’re going to want updates on how your social media strategy and campaigns are playing out.

Every good agency relationship is a little give and take, and the best ones — at least in our experience — have a few things in common. Things both the agency and the brands understand and respect. So if you’re worried about those agency horror stories you’ve heard from other businesses, know there’s a way to avoid them altogether and have an amazing and effective relationship with your team. Here are our recommendations.

1. Know your brand

Know who you are so you know where you want to go. We’ve seen the most success with brands who come ready with brand guidelines and a clear idea of who their audience is, what their company stands for and how their brand looks and feels. Our role isn’t to help you establish your identity necessarily. It’s to help share it with people. However, if you’re looking for some folks who can help you establish your brand direction, we’d be happy to make an intro.


2. Consider us part of your team

While you could be working with an account coordinator, paid social specialist, creative manager and photographer, we don’t want you to feel like you’re just another name in a portfolio. When we function as an extension of your team, amazing things happen. So if your marketing department knows about it, tell us too! We want to be fully ingrained in your team so it feels like we're working in your office. That way we can problem solve with you when needed and we can share in your successes when you win big.


3. Know the flow

Every agency has its processes, and making sure you know how they work and how they fit into your schedule is crucial. If we need anything from you to execute your social strategy weekly, monthly or even daily, it’s important to act quickly so your brand doesn’t miss a beat. Whether that’s approving content calendars by the designated deadline or making sure the shot list looks good before the photo shoot, make sure you know which parts of the process you’re a part of and help us stay on track by supporting us where we need you to.


4. Know the best times to reach us

We’ve got your back 24/7, but let’s be honest: You have a life outside of the office and so do we. And while it may be tempting to think that social media experts are always on their phones, we actually really love unplugging after hours and on the weekends. And we know you value your free time too. So I think we can both agree that it’s best if we respect those much-needed weekends and vacation times. Always know you can Slack or email us during work hours or if there’s an emergency. And if one of us is out of the office, there’s always someone else who can help you with any updates or needs.


5. Tell us what you think

The old saying goes, “A relationship is a two-way street.” As cliche as may sound, it’s certainly accurate. Especially when it comes to an agency relationship. We’ll never know whether you’re happy with your photography or copy if it’s hard to get ahold of you. It’s our job to deliver services you love and services that get you results. Real-time feedback and open communication help keep everyone on the same page as to what’s going well (and what’s not), what needs to be highlighted on your feed (hello, promos) and more. But this goes both ways. So ask us what we think. Let it be a dialogue. And trust the process.


6. Trust us!

Speaking of trust, know that we have your best interest in mind and trust that we know what works — and what doesn’t. We promise this is NOT our first rodeo. Even when we propose an idea that goes against the grain, try to keep an open mind. And feel free to ask us why we think an idea or strategy is the best course of action. We love the curiosity!


7. Be flexible

Social media is constantly changing, which means being nimble is key to succeeding in this space. Sometimes that means adjusting a Twitter post to capitalize on a trend or shifting a part of our strategy to adapt to an Instagram update. We’ll keep you up to speed on all of those changes. Other times, though, we may want to push the creative envelope on your next photo shoot or pitch an out-of-the-box idea to really make your brand stand out. Again, this goes back to trusting us. You have a whole team of creative minds at your disposal. Use them to stand out! There are too many blend-in brands out there anyway — and you’re not one of them.


8. Watch the magic happen

We know getting this plane off the ground and flying smoothly takes some coordination, but we promise it’s worth it. See your Instagram feed go from bland to glam, watch audiences get excited about your stories and let that advertising investment give you a great ROI. At the end of the day, we’re here to make things easier on you and better for your brand. And if you’re following these steps, it should be smooth sailing — or flying, we should say.  

Story By: Kris Martins