7 to 27 Real Quick

Google Translate has been a quick go to for decoding in a foreign country or getting your French homework done a bit faster. In the past 6 months, Google Translate has outdone itself. Translating a phrase or a sign has never been more simple. The Google Translate app allows users to quickly snap a photo of the image they need translated using the "acquired world lens"  and have it reappear on the same screen with perfect accuracy almost immediately after sending the initial image. 

This past week Google maximized their utility by expanding from 7 languages to twenty-seven languages. The app stands alone with its lightening speed and functionality which is owed to its use of convolutional neural networks which allow technology to differentiate between things (human vs. animals, words vs. art, etc.). This technology coupled with the extensive research which has been put into the camera's memory of image and neural net capabilities.  Google insists that the application is in no way meant to replace language translation and language duality as we know it, but rather to work alongside it.  This application is available both for iOS operating systems and Android. 

Sources: Tech Crunch and Google Research Blog