7 Excel Shortcuts You Should Know

Emails, task sheets, calendars, and spreadsheets are crucial for businesses to stay on top of their organization game. Excel is popular for organizing spreadsheets of important information and numbers that can ultimately hold the core activities of business together. Here are 7 great shortcuts for Excel on Mac that will maximize your efficiency so you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time making meaningful connections and doing what you love.


1. Date and Time- To quickly add today’s date or time to a spreadsheet

Date- Command +  ;

Time- Command +  :

2. Fill Down- To copy information in a cell down a column without having to copy/paste

Command + D

3. Select All- To select all cells in a particular region without having to click and drag

Command + A

4. Repeat- To repeat your previous action and place it a new cell

Command + Y

5. Extend Selection- To select a large amount of data without having to scroll down 200+ cells

Command + Shift + Arrow Key

6. Edit Cell- To edit the contents of a cell without having to double click the cell

Command + U

7. Multiple Cell Entries- To enter the same formula into multiple cells

Select All Cells - Command + Enter

Just these seven simple shortcuts can save you so much time and effort, and you’ll find your work day much more efficient. Still want to know more? You can find 222 more Excel shortcuts here.


Story by: Clara Sims