6 Tips for Gaining Twitter Followers

Social media platforms are constantly updating and changing their algorithms to create a more personalized and authentic user-experience, and Twitter is no exception. While it’s exciting for individuals, it has made gaining followers for businesses tougher than ever before. So, here we’ve summarized six simple tips from Jessica Swanda on How to Get More Twitter Followers (Without Spending a Dime). Check out the full article for a more in-depth read.

  1. Tweet Often. “According to CoSchedule's research, gathered from several industry leaders, the golden number for tweets per day is around 15.”
  2. Time Your Tweets. “Rather than tweet whenever you think about it, time your tweets strategically to reach the most people possible… Just like with any social platform, you have to test and experiment.”
  3. Use Hashtags Wisely. “Hashtags can give you a serious engagement boost - if you use them right. They enable you to reach people outside your own network who are already interested in your industry, product, or service.” Hint: the golden number of Hashtags per tweet is two!
  4. Mention People. “Mention the people you're retweeting to make double sure they see that you're interacting with their content. The more you interact with them, the more likely they are to follow you back, interact with you, and recognize you.”
  5. Re-use Old Tweets. “If a tweet's shelf life is only 18 minutes, then chances are more of your followers are not seeing it than those that are. The solution is simple - reuse them.”
  6. Contribute Guest Posts. “When you write guest posts for respected online publications that have a strong social media presence, you benefit in several ways… Your post will get far more traction when it's promoted by that publication than when it's promoted by you.”

Story By: Kim McCafferty