6 Free Tools/Apps to Bring Your Instagram to the Next Level


If you didn’t already know, we love Instagram here at Imagine Media. It is a great platform for businesses to tell their story in an impactful, visual way. Here are some free tools and apps that can help bring your Instagram to the next level:

1. Canva
Canva is a great tool to use for not only Instagram but also any graphic design projects you might have. Its user-friendly format allows you to easily add text to any image with preset fonts and layouts. If you're in the mood to post an inspirational quote on Instagram, Canva is the tool to use. They also have a huge catalog of stock photos and logos. One great reason we love Canva is the ability to create consistent graphics that fit your brand. Let’s say you want to post a graphic each week featuring the latest promotion. You can create a template on Canva, update it each week, and simply download the image to post.

VSCO is one of our favorite photo editing apps. It contains an abundance of unique filters to enhance your photos. Have you ever been browsing through Instagram and wondered where that unique filter came from? Well, chances are it originated from VSCO. In addition to the free filters and editing tools, there are also packages of filters to purchase that are worth the few extra bucks. Another great feature of VSCO is the community aspect. In the app, you can follow creatives from around the world and stay connected.

3. Hyperlapse from Instagram
This is a great tool to use for capturing time-lapse videos. Using Instagram’s in-house stabilization, the app allows you to avoid hassling with tripods and expensive equipment. The footage you shoot while walking, running, jumping, or even falling is instantly stabilized. This creates the ultimate cinematic experience from a simple video on your phone. 

4. Prime for Instagram
This awesome app calculates when the best times are to post content on Instagram. Prime has a powerful algorithm that determines engagement and when your followers are active. It generates a daily "prime time" for when to post. Prime also allows you to schedule content. Ultimately, this app gives your posts the engagement they deserve.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express has an abundance of photo editing tools bundled in this easy-to-use app. It has great features including pop-color, perspective correction, and collage layouts. A great unique tool in the app is the blemish removal. With just one tap you can easily eliminate spots, dirt, and dust from your photos. 

6. Swipeable Panorama for Instagram
Swipeable makes sharing your panorama and 360 photos easier than ever! The app automatically divides your panorama photos into a square format, which allows you to easily share the photo with the carousel view on Instagram. This swipeable, smooth format will give you a brand new, fresh photo sharing experience. 

Story By: Kasey Kiser