6 Advertising Tips to Make 2017 Your Best Holiday Season Ever


It’s hard to believe the holiday season is almost upon us, but it’s time to start thinking about everyone’s favorite reason for the season: ads!

Just kidding.

But social media advertising does offer more opportunities than ever to make your holiday sales soar. Just follow these 6 tips and you’ll be well on your way sending 2017 out with a bang.

1. Plan ahead.

It’s never too early to plan for the holidays, especially when it comes to Facebook advertising. It’s important to start building out a content strategy to support your business’ ads and promotions and developing engaging creative elements (more on that later!)

Beyond that, though, Facebook reviews every ad before it goes live. For most of the year, the review process is quick and painless but due to the high number of advertisements during the holidays, it can take longer for ads to be reviewed. It’s best to set up any holiday ads well in advance.

2. Increase your budget.

This is probably the last thing most businesses want to hear during the already busy holiday season but it’s often essential for success. More advertisers means more competition in Facebook’s auctions for ad placement so a higher budget might be necessary to reach your audience. Start by increasing your typical budget by 20% and adjust as needed.

3. Create special promotions for as many major holidays as possible.

Even if you do increase your budget, it takes a lot to stand out amidst the noise during the holidays. One easy way to do so is by creating special promotions for each major holiday. That includes not only Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Monday (December 8).

Offering a deal on your products and services on those holidays will be expected by your audience and give them incentive to shop or learn more.

4. Be extra engaging.

If you follow steps 1-3 and are prepared ahead of time, spending more money (wisely) and creating holiday-specific promotions, then there’s one additional step you can take to really make your ads pop: using engaging & eye-catching creative.

On social, video often generates higher engagement than photos or text alone. A short video can go a long way to help ensure the success of your ads but user-generated content, branded hashtags and more can all be elements of strong creative.

5. Make mobile a priority.

87% of US consumers will conduct holiday shopping on mobile first, before desktop or in-store, and 48% will shop on mobile while shopping in-store to find the best deal. Mobile-friendly content and websites are always important but they are especially critical during the holidays.

6. Tell a story and complement ads with content and experiences.

The strongest holiday advertising strategies aren’t isolated. They’re complemented by corresponding content and in-store experiences, making the overall shopping journey easy and entertaining for customers.

Need help implementing social media advertising into your holiday plans? Check out our services and let’s schedule a time to chat!

Story by: Kelsey Thompson